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Conference and Seminar Speaker, Retreat and Certified Spiritual Director

   Topics: Spiritual Warfare, Generational Healing, Marian Spirituality, Evangelization, Testimony

·        Barnes & Noble Featured Speaker, Arlington Heights, IL

·        St. Louis Marian Conference, Marian Centre, St. Louis, MO

·        Pilgrims of Faith Marian Center Retreat Conference, Cherry Hill, NJ

·        Malvern Lenten Retreat, Malvern Retreat House, Malvern, PA

·        Marywood Center Conference, Diocese of Orange, CA

·        The Battle for Souls Conference, Marytown, MI National Center, Libertyville, IL

·        Christ in You the Hope of Glory International Ministry Conference, L.A. Convention Center

·        Celebrate the Faith Annual Conference, Our Sorrowful Mother’s Ministry, Illinois

·        St. Joseph Communications Monthly Family Retreat, Sacred Heart Chapel, Covina, CA

·        Presentation Ministries Discipleship Retreat Center, Cincinnati, OH

·        Diocese of Atlanta, GA, Apologetics Series

·        The Fullness of the Faith, Temecula, CA

·        Our Sorrowful Mother’s Ministry Inner & Generational Healing Retreats, Vandalia, IL

·        Our Sorrowful Mother’s Ministry Annual Conferences, Vandalia, IL

·        Magnificat Ministry, Chapters in New York, Los Angeles, and San Diego

·        Catholic Evangelism Ministries, Women’s Healing Conference,  Los Angeles, CA

·        Holy Rosary Mission Healing and Deliverance Conference, Mount Angel, OR

·        Generational Healing Retreat, St. Mary’s Parish, Villa Ridge, MO

·        LIFE Women’s Event, Santa Sophia; Women Together, St. James, Diocese of San Diego

·        Our Lady of the Highways Ministry Conference, Raymond, IL

·        Prince of Peace Abbey Benedictine Monastery, Oceanside, CA

·        Battle for Souls Conference, St. Joseph Radio Catholic Lecture Series, Florissant, MO

·        Catholic Resource Center Bible Study Teaching Series, Sacred Heart Chapel, Covina, CA

·        St. Joseph Radio Catholic Young Adults Teaching Series, Orange, CA

·        Thomas More Society of San Diego

·        Knights of Columbus Hall Testimonial Talk, Holy Rosary Council, Arlington Heights, IL

·        Mission Young Adult Fellowship, Mission San Diego de Alcala, San Diego, CA

·        St. Mark’s Catholic Church Youth Ministry, San Marcos, CA

·        Mother of Dolors Catholic Church Youth Ministry, Vandalia, IL

·        St. Patrick’s Catholic Church Religious Education & Youth Ministry, Wareham, MA

·        Light of the World Adult Lecture Series, St. Raymond’s Church, East Rockaway, NY

·        Solomon’s Porch Prayer Group, The Parish of St. Anthony, Oceanside, NY

·        Incompatibility of New Age with Christianity Conference, Warriors for Christ, St. Cloud, MN

·        Youth Groups: St. Raymond’s, Raymond, IL; Sacred Heart, Virdon, IL; St. Patrick’s, Lamont, IL

·        St. James Catholic School Youth, Arlington Heights, IL

·        Southside Youth Ministry, Life Teen, St. Mary Magdalene Church, St. Louis, MO

·         “Defending the Faith Series,” Horizon Christian Fellowship, Rancho Santa Fe, CA

·        Westminster Theological Seminary, Walter’s Cult Conference, Escondido, CA

·        Braveheart Fellowship Teaching Series, North Coast Calvary Chapel, Carlsbad, CA

·        Order of St. Luke, Good Samaritan Episcopal Church, San Diego, CA

·        Catholic Parishes in Dioceses of New York, Springfield lL, Chicago, St. Louis, San Diego, St. Cloud, Minneapolis, Boston, Providence, Honolulu


Published Works

·        Ransomed From Darkness: The New Age, Christian Faith and the Battle or Souls, North Bay Books, 2005

·        Prodigal Daughters: Catholic Women Come Home To The Church, by Donna Steichen, Ignatius Press, 1999. (Contributed chapter.)

·        The Truth About A Course in Miracles, (Tract) St. Joseph Radio, 1999


Newspaper Interviews

·        The Southern Cross, San Diego diocesan newspaper

·        National Catholic Register, national Catholic newspaper

·        Our Sunday Visitor, national Catholic newspaper

·        Catholic Standard & Times, Philadelphia diocesan newspaper

·        St. Louis Review, St. Louis diocesan newspaper

·        The Anchor, Southeastern Massachusetts diocesan newspaper

·        San Diego News Notes, San Diego’s lay-Catholic newspaper

·        Saint Cloud Visitor, St. Cloud diocesan newspaper, St. Cloud, MN

·        St. Cloud Times, (A Gannett newspaper), St. Cloud, MN

·        Presentation Ministries Newsletter, Cincinnati, OH

·        The Criterion, (Catholic Archdiocesan Weekly), Indianapolis, IN



·        “Living His Life Abundantly,” Johnnette Benkovic, EWTN Catholic Network, Birmingham, AL

·        “The Apostolate for Family Consecration,” Catholic Familyland Television, Bloomingdale, OH (Nationally Syndicated)

·        “Interview with Father Michael Manning,” WordNet Productions, San Bernardino, CA

·        “Media Bewitched, with Father Michael Manning,” WordNet Productions, San Bernardino, CA

·        “St. Michael’s,” Fr. John Fredrick, Cable TV, Honolulu, HI

·        Charter Communications, Channel 10, St. Cloud, MN



·         “Interview, Dr. John Palmer,” Renewal Apostolate of Diocese of Rockville Centre, Rockville, NY

·        “St. Joseph Radio Presents” Broadcast Worldwide on WEWN Catholic Radio

·        “Catholic Bookmarks” nationally syndicated, US Conference of Catholic Bishops

·        “Catholic Answers Live” nationally syndicated, San Diego, CA

·        “Dangers of Apathy,” Cardinal Mindszenty Radio, St. Louis, MO

·        WBVM/WLMS, St. Petersburg, FL

·        “Drew Mariani Show,” Relevant Radio, Chicago, IL

·        “Kresta in the Afternoon,” Ave Maria Radio, WDEO, Ann Arbor, MI

·        In His Sign Network, Kolbe Communications, Rosemont, PA

·        “Barbara Mariani Show,” Marian Communications, Philadelphia, PA

·        “Live on Radio Maria,” Radio Maria International, www. radiomaria. org

·        “St. Joseph Radio,” KORG/KEZY, Orange County, CA; KGER, Los Angeles

·        KTOB, Lay-Catholic Broadcasting Network, San Rafael, CA

·        “Save A Friend Ministries,” KPRZ-AM, San Diego, CA; KPXQ-AM, Phoenix

·        KLTX-AM, and KTYM -AM, and KPRO-AM, Los Angeles, CA

·        “Conversation,” WJON-AM, Diocese of Saint Cloud, MN

·        Minnesota Radio Stations: KWAD, KBEK, KASM, WQPM, KNSI, KBRF, KLTF, KEYL, KMRS, WVAL, WJON

·        WJMM-FM, Lexington, KY

·        Sacred Heart Radio WNOP-AM, Cincinnati, OH

·        “Brindisi Consortium,” WCRA-AM, Effingham, IL

·        Covenant Radio Network, St. Louis, MO

·        Internet - www. catholicradiointernet. com, www. relevantradio. com, www. holyspiritwithin. com



·        “Vatican Document ‘Jesus Christ the Bearer of the Water of Life,’ a Christian Reflection

            on the New Age,” St. Joseph Radio

·        “Defending the Faith I & II,” 2 CD Set, Concept Audio Tapes

·        “Beware New Age Catholicism,” Catholic Answers Live

·        “Catholic Lecture Series: The New Age Influences in our Culture and Church,” St. Joseph Radio

·        “Catholic Lecture Series: Is Your Faith Stronger Than Your Fascination?” St. Joseph Radio

·        “Discernment of Spirits,” St. Joseph Radio Presents

·        “Discernment  - The Occult and New Age,”  Aardvark Productions, Steubenville, OH

·        “New Age: Not So New,” St. Joseph Communications

·        “New Age: Inside the Nightmare,” CD Album, Concept Audio Tapes

·        “A Christian Response to New Age and the Media,” CD, Concept Audio Tapes

·         “The New Age Movement,” Catholic Resource Center, St. Joseph Communications

·        “New Age, Cults and the Battle for Souls,” St. Joseph Radio

·        “New Age: Battle for the Soul,” St. Joseph Radio

·        “The New Age Exposed,” St. Joseph Radio

·        “Moira Noonan,” St. Joseph Radio Presents

·        “Exposing the New Age,” Christ in You The Hope in Glory International Ministry

·         “Celebrate the Faith Album,” Saint John Fisher Forum

·        “New Age Inside the Nightmare Album,” Concept Audio

·        “Defending the Faith,” Horizon Christian Fellowship

·        “Interview with Moira Noonan,” Save a Friend Ministries

·        “Ransomed From Darkness,” Save a Friend Ministries

·        “A Course in Miracles, A New Age Book,” Concept Audio

·        “Moira Noonan,” Magnificat Talk, St. Joseph Radio

·        “The New Age,” audio series, Regal Film & Video

·        “New Age and Cults,” Concept Audio



·        “Ransomed from Darkness,” a St. Joseph Radio Presents DVD, Orange, CA

·        “Battle for Souls,” a St. Joseph Radio Presents DVD, Orange, CA

·        “Interview with Johnnette Benkovic”, Living His Life Abundantly, Clearwater, FL

·        “The New Age”, Regal Film and Video, St. Cloud MN



·        School for Spiritual Directors, Benedictine Monastery of the Risen Christ, San Luis Obispo, CA

·        The Bible Institute and the Discipleship Program, Father Al Lauer Presentation

Ministries, Cincinnati, OH

·        Mary’s Ministries School of Evangelization, in coordination with

Evangelization 2000, Phoenix, AZ

·        Paul’s Workshop, America Project, School of Evangelization, Phoenix, AZ

·        Basic Catechesis Certificate, Diocese of San Diego

·        National Catholic Cursillo




Memberships and Certifications

·        Spiritual Director

·        Basic Catechist

·        Minister of the Eucharist, Lector

·        RCIA Team Member

·        Co-Worker of Mother Teresa, Missionaries of Charity

·        Co-Worker, Presentation Ministries

·        Catholic Society of Evangelists, a worldwide lay-apostolate

·        The Legion of Mary, Auxiliary Member

·        The Blue Army of Our Lady Fatima

·        The Militia of the Immaculata

·        Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal Association




Sample books, CD’s and references available upon request.

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